Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lewd Obbs

In an earlier post I related how it was good that Fox News is finally corralling all of the crazy or less-than-honest TV broadcasters. But, silly me, I forgot one: Lou Dobbs. DropDobbs.com.


Anonymous said...
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Dave said...

Anonymous commenter: First, I don’t allow anonymous comments please get a moniker and try again. But don’t bother claiming Lou Dobbs is a good source of information. If that’s where you get your information, you are badly informed. Mr. Dobbs irrational hatred and misrepresentation of illegal immigrants is legendary. Remember his famous leprosy lie? As for holding the administration "accountable”, joining the Birther movement hardly gives him any credibility (but it does dovetail nicely with his fear of foreigners). No, Dobbs is a hack. An arrogant hack.