Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Thoma Time Meets Miller Time

Well, WMAY gives in and abandons another local live time slot. Springfield will soon be treated to the syndicated Dennis Miller show from noon to 3:00 weekdays. I didn’t even know the not-funny comedian even had a radio show. He has a couple of defunct TV shows under his belt. And since his conversion to conservatism, he has been a favorite “entertainer” of the right. So I guess a talk show was inevitable.

As for WMAY, I’m assuming the firing of local on-air personality Mark Thoma (his blog here) and replacing him with a syndicated show, is largely a business decision driven by a bad economy. The irony is that for months, as we plunged into the current recession, WMAY’s general manager, Kevan Kavanaugh, in his regular radio editorials was proclaiming Springfield to be recession-free and business as usual. I guess he couldn’t just talk his way out of the bad economic times.

Anyway, everyone enjoy yet another syndicated wingnut blowhard!

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geek_guy said...

Welcome back.

Well I know who gets the Butthead vote this week.