Friday, September 18, 2009

The Moon is Just a Candle-Lit Cake

I recently found this badly faded photo of me taken on my 9th birthday, July 15, 1969 - the day before Apollo 11 lifted off from Florida carrying the fist men to walk on the moon. I was intensely interested in the space program and my mother baked me a cake shaped like a rocket and included a moon cake next to it with a candle sticking out. The cake says “David 9”. Get it, like Apollo 11 but David 9.

My friend Dan and I are sitting in front of the green canvas tent we used camp in out in my backyard. I remember frequently not wearing a shirt in the summer as many boys and not a few men didn’t back then. You don’t see that nearly as much anymore.

BTW, I did not crop the photo to center myself, that's just the way it was taken. I'm glad I got it scanned before it completly faded away.