Thursday, March 02, 2006

Bathroom Etiquette

Academia is once again on the cutting edge of ideas.
Here is where I would like to offer suggestions for bathroom etiquette. If you have to go number one: Approach the urinal, flush, take care of business, flush again, run finger tips (at the very least) under the faucet, then exit restroom. If someone else is present - maintain proper urinal distance, make no eye contact and only speak if eye contact is made in the mirror while washing hands. If you have to go number 2: Enter the stall, flush (this ensures a working toilet), line the seat with toilet paper and when you are finished, flush your deposits to include the seat lining paper. Look back before you exit because sometimes a double flush is required. Wash your hands and leave the restroom.

If you experience unforeseen problems during your visit, please administer the "courtesy flush." This says to others, "hey, sorry about the smell, but I am not finished." Plus, when timed properly, the "courtesy flush" can mask any loud noises.
I think the test flush concept is a good one except that you are doubling your water usage (perhaps tripling it if using the noise-covering technique as well). And what ever happened to urinal troughs that guys would all pee into and then every so often water would come down washing away any residuals. Now those were water savers.

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AmericanPatriotLegion said...

I used to go to a bar called Croation Home in Madison, IL that had one of those things. Definitally saved water, but leave a no so great smell in the air.