Thursday, March 30, 2006

Capitol Hijinks

I’m not exactly the most serious guy in the world but sometimes fun and games just seems inappropriate. Reading this SJ-R article I was somewhat taken aback by this:
At one point in the voting process, the legislation attracted 50 or so "yes" votes, Reitz said. But when lawmakers realized the bill would not get the 60 votes required for passage, they decided to pile on the "no" votes, he said.

"It's part of the game," he said.

By sponsoring a bill that garnered at least 100 "no" votes, Reitz earned the dubious distinction of joining the House's so-called "Century Club." He also gained temporary custody of the "Century Club" trophy and cap.
Har, har, har, your stupid piece of legislation got 100 No votes! Loser! Time to give you an atomic wedgie to go along with your Century Club Cap…come here you little lawmaker.

Stuff like that I'm sure encourages risk taking in new legislation.

By the way, the vote was on a measure that would have allowed alcohol to be served at state historic sites. WUIS had a hilarious cut of one legislator (I forget who) sneeringly bemoan how allowing “booooooooooooze” on these state sites would result in people spilling “booooooooooooze” on the marble and carpets and then throwing up in the corner. I guess this dooms the state's college dorms from ever being designated as historic sites.

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Amy Allen said...

I always find myself needing alcohol when I go to a historic site. : ) But, good post.