Monday, March 20, 2006

Faulty Towers

Driving into Springfield on Veterans Parkway yesterday I looked to the west to see if the tornado had noticeably changed the view from where I was looking. The answer is, no not really, but what struck me was that all the cell phone towers. They were all still there. I guess they build those things to endure. At least one tower, WTAX’s radio tower on the east side, didn’t fare as well:

Why did the WTAX tower fall and not the west side cell towers? I can only assume the reason is the WTAX tower is much older and is of a completely different design. And perhaps because the WTAX tower is older, applying a little Viagra would straighten things right up.


The 26th Man said...

The cell towers stood because of the bias toward the west side.

Anonymous said...

Actually it had a lot to do with the fact that the WTAX tower had stood since 1949 and for years the concrete pilings on which it stood had began sinking. This is something that I had observed back the 1990's as an employee.