Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Can-Do Man Can-Does

Wow. I never thought Sangamon County Board member Sam Cahnman would beat Springfield Alderman Chuck Redpath in the race for the Democratic nomination for the Illinois House's 99th District seat. But apparently he has. I guess the name change worked!

Seriously though, I think this is a strange upset. Congrats, Sam. Now how are you planning on unseating Mr. Poe?


Anonymous said...

Hey, Joe Theismann was Joe Theez-man while at Notre Dame. Then when he became a candidate for the Heisman, he became Theis-man. Get it? Well, it worked for him, maybe it'll work for Con-Man, too!


Poe is going to body-slam that loser! What does that say about Redpath? I think Chuck didn't help his cause by fumbling around verbally with Jim Leach following his candidacy annoucement. No grasp of the issues whatsoever; I guess he thought Springfield alderman was actually a viable springboard to the state legislature!

Con-Man will be running for dogcatcher next year. Yes, I CAN catch airedales, retrievers and poodles, too. I CAN, MAN. I CAN!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually heard one of his relatives say today that now Redpath won't have to worry about putting more of his close relatives on at the state. She even said it was almost a relief that he lost so she won't have to hear about it. I told her it was too late that the SJ-R did a piece on that some time ago about all the Redpath clan having city and state jobs.

Poe has a good backing but he better not lay down to rest in this campaign. Can-Man just might pull out another upset.

Anonymous said...

The article in SJ-R regarding Redpath didn't mention that at least 3(if I remember correctly) are deceased. Not much of a story then huh?

I think Can-man will have an up hill battle defeating Poe. Poe had his semi out after the tornato on the east side. Not sure if he was cooking, but the Church he was next too had all the food the neighborhood needed.