Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Windy County

What is it about McLean County and it's wind? Is it "wind rich" like Saudi Arabia is "oil rich"? I ask beacuse a second wind farm is being proposed for the Bloomington area.
NORMAL - A second, large-scale wind farm could be sprouting turbines in McLean County as early as next spring. Chicago-based Invenergy Wind LLC plans to build the $200 million McLean Wind Energy Center, a network of 100 wind turbines scattered across an 8,000-acre swath of the northeast corner of the county.


This project would follow in the footsteps of the High Trail Wind Farm. Construction on that project will begin next month in the Arrowsmith area of western McLean County.

The High Trail farm will be the first wind farm in the county.

It could be one of the largest in the nation, with about 275 wind turbines generating
power for 120,000 homes.

The McLean Wind Energy Center would generate up to 150 megawatts of electricity, enough to power about 50,000 typical Illinois homes, said Hach.

Each turbine would be 213 to 330 feet tall.
And please, no jokes about how Springfield could also cash in by setting up wind turbines in the Illinois House and Senate chambers. That just wouldn’t be nice.


ArchPundit said...

Lot's of big ag farms that have land and growing corn is only so profitable compared to energy. It's also really, really flat having covered the entire county on a bike for many, many years and that means nothing to slow the wind down.

The 26th Man said...

If they want to harvest the wind in McLean County, they should put some turbines in front of Watterson Towers on the ISU campus.