Friday, March 24, 2006

Slipping Down the Slope

Paul Waldman traces the insidious history of the redefinition of marriage. Looks what happened since left wing radicals forced interracial marriage down the throats of Family Values America™:
The fact is, we've changed the definition of marriage many times before. At one time in America, marriage was a union between a white man and a white woman. Then the definition was changed to allow blacks to marry, but a black person and a white person couldn't get married, since that fell outside the definition. Later, we changed the definition again to allow interracial marriage. At one time the definition of marriage said that a woman became a man's property. We changed the definition when we decided that no longer accorded with our evolving values.

The Rush Limbaughs of 100 years ago surely would have warned us of the slippery slope of interracial marriage if only they had radios back then. The population would have been better educated about the “interracial agenda” and the impending destruction of the institution of marriage should there be a mixing of races. If we had only known…


Gish said...

I've tried this argument but it never works because they don't see themselves as bigots and since the bible did not explicitly prohibit being black.

Gish said...

Wow. I totally left that last comment unfinished. I meant that since the Bible (to them) explicitly prohibits homosexuality then it is different.