Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Serious Choices

It just occurred to me that the Illinois primary election is less than a week away (March 21). Now I have to choose what ballot to take. As usual, the Republicans have more going on statewide.

On the Dem side, Blagojevich has only nominal opposition in Edwin Eisendrath and there is a contest for State Treasurer (the winner will likely succeed Judy Baar-Topinka who is running a losing campaign for Governor).

The Repubs, of course, have a bunch of candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, most of whom are JPN (Just Plain Nuts).

I’m not worried anymore about having to declare a party by taking one or the other ballot. I figure I’m done working for the state, or any government entity, at least for a while. So, I guess I’ll go ahead and take a Republican ballot and make mischief there.

By the way, you can find who and what are on the ballot in Sangamon County here.

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Anonymous said...

Democrats have more going on locally with primaries for State Representative and Sheriff. I voted in the Democratic Primary against everyone endorsed by the local Democratic Party.