Thursday, March 30, 2006

I Want You To Want Rockford

Cheap Trick (remember them) have decided to name their new album ‘Rockford’ after their home town of Rockford, Illinois. You have to hand it the boys (old men?), they stuck around Rockford even after making it big. I once saw Rick Nielson in a Japanese restaurant in Rockford while I was living up that way. By golly, that separated me from fame by only one degree.

Too bad they don’t go all the way and make the music about Rockford as well. Here are a few title suggestions free of charge:

Almost Wisconsin

Chicago is Blocking the Sun

Where Has Lynn Martin Gone?

Halfway Between Somewhere and Galena

Sure is Cold!

Better Than F’ing Freeport

1 comment:

Jeniece said...

That's pretty good. "Chicago is Blocking the Sun" is my favorite choice for a Cheap Trick song. :)