Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Blagojevich Defender

Oh great. CBS News’ Blogophile web page (scroll waaay down) catches me coming to the defense of Gov. Rod Blagojevich.

Ooops! Someone forgot to tell Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich that The Daily Show spoofs the news. Granted, with hundreds of thousands of viewers, the program's mission is hardly secret. But it was news to the governor when he sat down for an interview that ended up poking fun at the Democratic governor.


But the duped governor has some defenders. “As much as it pains me to defend Rod Blagojevich, I have to say he is far from being the only politician to not realize they were not being interviewed by a real reporter for The Daily Show. I am continually
amazed at the number of officials, newsmakers and celebrities that have no idea The Daily Show is fake news,” The Eleventh Hour blogged.

Should I be expecting a State contract in the near future?


JeromeProphet said...

It's like the episode of Seinfeld in which Jerry is caught rubbing his nose.

Now we all know Jerry wasn't actually picking his nose.

It just looked like it.

And try as he might, there simply was no coming back from it.

You'll forever be known now as "Rod Defender"!

Snort, Snort.


AmericanPatriotLegion said...

Come on Dave, you know in order to get a state contract you have to pay large amounts of cash directly to the Blagojavich Re-Election campaign very discreetly and then kiss his ass in public. Doing just one of the two might get you a cushy state job however.

Anonymous said...

Especially in light of the fact that his power has affected you personally in your very own home I am shocked you had the nerve to defend him.

Not only am I shocked, I am disappointed.

Very rarely do we see eye to eye politically. However, in this particular area I am amazed you even cared to think to weigh in on his side.

I'm almost ashamed to be married to someone who will now always be pegged as a Blago defender. Of course, YOU just might get a nice cushy state job back now!!! LOL

Love you!


Dave said...

Two points before serving me with the divorce papers:

In reality, I wasn't so much defending the governor but expressing amazement at how clueless may interviewees are on The Daily Show (the gov included). Blago is in good company including many, many punk'd Republicans.

Second, for the record, my old State job was neither nice nor cushy. My current job, on the other hand, IS nice and while not exactly cushy (they do expect me to show up and do at least some work) it's a millions times less stressful than my old position with the State. My idea was that I might be awarded a multi-million dollar contract to provide inane blog posts. You know, something I do anyway.


AmericanPatriotLegion said...

If you want to get that you need to discreetly contact the Treasurer for the Blagojavich campaign and offer to donate 30% or more of the contract value back to the campaign.