Friday, March 17, 2006

Governor Topinka to Live Here?

Maybe Judy Baar-Topinka has already been asked this question and I’ve missed it, but if she becomes governor will she live in the governor’s mansion? Based on this quote in the SJ-R today, I think she will:
"Springfield has really come to be a home for me," Topinka said. "When you see this kind of destruction take place, it really has a personal impact on me."
Topinka was referring, of course, to the damage caused by Sunday’s tornado.

As I’ve said before, I don’t really care where the governor lives but Topinka might pick up a few votes in Springfield in the general election if she makes it clear she intents to live here as governor. Of course, that assumes anyone in Springfield would otherwise vote for Blagojevich, which might be a big assumption.


Anonymous said...

Destruction? Could be the tornado.. Or she could also be referring to the present administrationo.

Anonymous said...

It would only be worse under a Topinka administration. It would be George Ryan II.