Thursday, March 23, 2006

Tha Name Game

TEH Exclusive!

Republican Rep. Raymond Poe, concerned by his Democratic challenger’s success in the primary election following a name pronunciation change, has followed suit with a name change of his own. Sam Cahnman rode to victory in the Democratic primary this week after he changed the pronunciation of his name from CON-man to CAN-man. Poe, concerned people will associate him with Po, the smallest and reddest of the Teletubbies, has decided on a pronunciation change too.

From now on Raymond Poe will demand to be referred to as Raymond Tinky-Winky (but still spelled Poe). Tinky-Winky is the largest of the Tubbies and has a focus group pleasing purple hue. Studies have also shown Tinky-Winky to be more of a leader than Po in most Teletubbies episodes.In a related note, Poe (pronounced Tinky-Winky) has announced he will hold a series of fundraising Tubby Toast breakfasts replacing his more familiar pancake events.

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The 26th Man said...

Tinky Winky was the T-Tub that Jerry Falwell outed a few years ago. I'm not sure a Republican would want to associate himself with a gay kids show character.