Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday Beer Blogging: Tornado Edition

I thought it might be nice to do some tornado beer blogging in honor of the tough couple of weeks we’ve had here in Springfield following the March 12 tornados that struck the city. I was going to do it last week but St. Patrick’s Day was more important in terms of beer blogging (tornados may huff and puff but they can’t blow St. Patty’s Day down).

Unfortunately I don’t have a whole lot of tornado beer action to report. You see, the crack TEH Beer Blogging research staff, while dedicated and resourceful, is also basically lethargic and lazy by nature.

Here’s what I do have. First, what I think is a defunct beer from the Great Grains Brewing Company called Texas Tornado. I can't find anything else about this beer or the brewery other than the above link.

However, there is this from the Pony Express Brewing Company of Olathe, Kansas. It’s called Tornado Red Ale.

Pony Express has given up its claim to Tornado and turned it over to Great Plains Brewery (no relation to the above mentioned Great GRAINS Brewing Co.) . Now Tornado Red Ale is brewed by a bunch of farmers:
Great Plain Brewery is part of TransCon Ag. A new generation co-op with Missouri and Kansas farmers making up the co-op. all the ingredients that go into the production of Great Plains products are grown and distributed by the co-op members. Quality is the overriding concern from the first planting through out the production o process. The result is a beer that reflects the Mid American pride of its producers, and when it comes to taste…it shows!
I hope this is the last Tornado edition of Friday Beer Blogging. Let’s all drink to that.

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Mr. Ethics said...

Check out the BrewHouse - there might still be a few bottles in their basement.