Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Civil War

For those who choose (and I emphasize choose) to continue to buy the President’s rosy (i.e. bullshit) picture of things in Iraq, check out this story:
Ordinary Iraqi families getting ready to fight They're stockpiling weapons, food and fuel

Baghdad -- Om Hussein, wrapped in her black abaya, lists the contents of the family's walk-in storage closet: three 175-pound cases of rice, two 33-pound cases of cooking fat, six cases of canned tomatoes, three crates of assorted legumes, a one-month supply of drinking water, frozen chicken livers in the freezer. And in the garage, jerry cans filled with fuel are piled floor to ceiling.

Om Hussein, who was reluctant to give her full name, and her Shiite family are preparing for war. They've stocked up on food. They bought a Kalashnikov rifle and a second car -- so that there is space for all 13 members of their extended family should they need to flee in a hurry.
Or this one:
Shi'ite clerics fear cannot prevent civil war

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Iraqi Shi'ite religious leaders' restraining influence on militia groups is waning fast and senior clerics fear they are dragging Iraq into civil war, a source close to the clerical authorities said on Wednesday.
Clapping louder and rooting out “traitors” here isn’t going to change a damn thing.


copy editor said...

It's a near civil war, if not a civil war.

Bush will deny it. So will his cronies.

Brave bloggers will say we need to keep something or other from happening, which will happen anyway.

And there you have it.

AmericanPatriotLegion said...

This has been building up for a long time now. Had the administration done something, instead of simply saying everything was alright and we should all just look the other way, we might have been able to prevent it by doing little things like planning etc. Nothing to important I guess. I just feel really bad for the poor people over there who have tried to do their best to stay away from the violance (a hell of a task in it's self) who are now going to be sucked in whether they like it or not.