Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Taking Debate

I didn’t see the debate between the Republican candidates for Illinois governor last night but I have seen some of the coverage which, predictably, is devoid of any discussion of the issues that might have come up during the debate. Of course, that criticism is contingent on whether the candidates themselves actually said anything substantive on issues.

I was particularly amused at WICS Ch. 20’as coverage of the debate last night when they went to a segment where they got the reactions to the debate from five DEMOCRATS. Ummm, who the hell cares what a bunch of Democrats has to say about the slate of Republicans who, theoretically, will be voted on by other Republicans? I know, I know, anyone can take a Republican ballot. But wouldn’t it more relevant to hear the opinions of Republicans on how the debate went?

My overall sense is that my prediction of a second Blagojevich term is becoming more and more likely to come true. I don’t see any of these guys catching fire, burns from the political flame war during the primary not withstanding.

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