Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sold Out

Is the Just-In-Time inventory concept used in manufacturing now creeping into retail? I think maybe. I have no direct evidence, but I’ve noticed grocery stores seem to run out of items more often than they used to. I’ve noticed the same thing at fast food places.

I think an experience I just had at Circuit City may indicate Just-In-Time is being used there. I was interested in a very inexpensive DVD player they had on display ($24.00 after rebate!) but there were no boxes of the unit on the shelf. When I asked about it, the sales person looked it up on the computer and indicated they had none in stock but that there were five units on a truck headed our way. He gave me the option of reserving one, which I did. I was the second person to do so. It’s entirely possible they could sell out again before any of the units are put on the shelf. Interesting.

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