Monday, March 13, 2006

Tornado Blogging: The Next Day

I’ll put up here anything I deem interesting related to the tornado that hit Springfield last night.

WMAY is still broadcasting on all of its FM sister stations (WNNS, WYVR and WQLZ). WUIS is still off the air.

One report indicates that Wal-Mart at Parkway Point lost much of its roof including 3 of 4 car-sized air conditioning units. And apparently they are really lost. No one knows where they are. Check your back yard.

Much of the city is still without power at 8:00 am.

Interstate 72 is still closed both east and west of Springfield.

Update 8:38 am: Some of the worst damage has occurred along the Wabash corridor on the city’s southwest side. It occurs to me that one of the first tornado warnings I remember, some time in the late 1960s, happened when there was a report of a tornado sighted near West Wabash. I remember that vividly. Our family huddled in the hallway of our one-story (no basement) home which was in the path of the alleged twister. Nothing came of that storm but all these years later its odd to me that that’s where one did eventually hit and apparently ran through my old neighborhood.

Update 8:50 am: Hmmm…I’m hearing that the Barrel Head was pretty much wiped out. Too bad that didn’t happen 10 years ago under the old (*cough* Kitty *cough*) management. I imagine the chairs having been blown around and out of place would have greatly disturbed the previous owner.

Update 9:35 am: WMAY has cut loose its sister stations.

Update 10:00 am: The National Weather Serivice is confirming it was a tornado that hit Springfield. Well, duh.

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Poor Michael said...

I'm starting a Flickr pool for storm damage photos from Springfield, since is quite slow and not putting up very many interesting photos. The pool can be found here.