Saturday, March 18, 2006

Die Young, Stay Pretty

I’m not saying this just to be contrary but I have never thought Marilyn Monroe was particularly attractive. And don’t get me started on her truly annoying voice.

I recognize M.M. is still one of America’s leading sex icons for whatever reason. What a country, semi-ugly girls can be sex kittens too! Truly the Land of Opportunity.

Anyway, I’m watching A&E Biography and it’s on none other than Marilyn Monroe. What struck me is that she was born in 1926. That means, had she been sane enough not to have killed herself, she would be 80 years old now. Yet even I have a hard time thinking of her as possibly ever being that old. There will never be picture of her with a wrinkle or an age spot. Her boobs will never sag. How fortunate for her. She'll be beautiful (to some) forever.

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jeromeprophet said...

You realize that's not MM.

I think MM is beautiful.