Monday, May 21, 2007

Driving While Broke

The SJ-R reports DUI arrests are down in Springfield. But the real reason for the decline appears in the comments section of the online story:
At the current price of gas, who can afford to drink and drive? Hence, the decline in drunk drivers.


Anonymous said...

For many who drive around in their $37K Super SUVs, and $40K Ultra Large Mini Vans, and $35K Monster Pickup Trucks - who shell out $400 per month or more auto payments, and $400 per month on auto insurance, and $400 per month on gas bills - an extra $100 a month on gas is no big deal.

Send the boys to Iraq! It's our oil! It's our God given right to waste as much oil as possible - cause everyone knows it's gonna run out in our lifetime - so why leave anything for future generations!

Yee Haa!


Anonymous said...

If you need to fill up, do it today or tomorrow morning. Gas prices will increase from $3.59 to $3.64 for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend. They should come down from there. That fact should keep the DUI's down this weekend... if the SJ-R's commentor is correct in their theory.

Anonymous said...

What makes you believe they won't creep up after that?

Just who is going to do anything to stop the same group of conspirators who dropped gas by .85 cents per gallon just before the Mid Term Elections to help their buddies in the GOP out.

Do you think the oil boys, W and Dick are going to do anything?

No I expect gas to be high all summer long.

People, I recall ten years ago when gas was 90 cents per gallon!

Anyone remember what happened to the electric automobile at 60 cents a gallon equivalent?

They rounded every last one (well there's one in a museum) and crushed them.

I'd say we get what we deserve.