Friday, May 11, 2007

Supplemental Beer Blogging: Better Than Wine Edition

Oh, so true...
And speaking of beer snobbery, the bottle of beer you [get] for $9 is much better than the bottle of wine you can purchase for the same. Would that more folks showed up to dinner parties bearing some chilled Chimay than warm Yellow Tail. Nice beer is classy, people!
Beer : Better value, just as classy.

(I now await Jerome "Wine Man" Prophet's rebuttal.)

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JeromeProphet said...

I like beer.

I just don't feel it packs the antioxidant punch that red wine does.

If one restricts one's drinking to a moderate level the average man can enjoy both beer, and wine.

Women on the other hand would need to choose either beer or wine, and in fact due to increased incidence of breast cancer in women who drink it is advisable that women drink an alcoholic beverage which packs the greatest health benefit to counter the ill effects from the alcohol - which red wine does.

I believe that taxes on wine and beer are too darned high, and don't really care what the advertisers say about snob appeal.

I like dark beers for the taste, and dark red wines for both taste, and health purposes.

But to each his or her own.