Friday, May 04, 2007

Office Talk

Last night’s edition of The Office may have been the funniest episode yet. Women’s issues will never be the same. And while the mystery of the ladies room is an old gag, The Office treatment was truly special.

And speaking of the NBC Thursday shows, is Earl running out of gas? While still funny,
I get the feeling the writers are running out of ideas. Although, Joy on the lam in Mexico might be worthy of a series unto itself.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? I thought it was one of the worst this season. It just didn't click for me. And I love The Office.

Check Shoo's blog comments for my views, I don't want to type again, lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave

I just last night watched the Thursday night shows. Did you catch that Earl was an homage to the movie "Rudy"? Sean Astin (Rudy)was one of the "Dickies" and when Earl failed to sell his quota, the "Dockers" all came in and threw down their store credit cards a la Rudy when the other players brought in their uniforms so Rudy could play in the last game of the season. My husband noticed that the main "Docker" was also the groundskeeper for the stadium in Rudy. Once we caught on to the gag, it made it one of the funniest Earls.

ThirtyWhat said...

I've never seen Rudy ... so I guess that's why I didn't get the joke. I kinda think Earl is winding down too ... it was a neat idea ... but I think it may have run it's course.

The Office wasn't as good as it has been ... but then ... how could it possibly beat last week's opener with Jim dressing like Dwight? I swear to god ... those people are monitoring my office.