Friday, May 04, 2007

Nanny State! Nanny State!

A lot of people like to be nannied I guess. Who knew?

Remember, we are supposed to be the government. Government is a way of pooling resources to assist in leveling out often huge inequities and roadblocks to make life better for everyone. In theory. Often those charged with this mission, even when elected, make a mess of it. Still, the desire to improve our lives and those of others is a strong one.

H/T to Ezra.


Anonymous said...

You're wrong. It's government's role to take care of people...regardless of whether or not they can take care of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Not sure if above post is sarcastic or not but you pose a very interesting topic Dave.

I agree that government should be there to help. But often times govt grows too big and starts to feed off of itself. It thens turn into a major distraction and interferes with peoples lives as oppossed to helping them.

Then we have the cost. I agree that everyone should pay their "fair share" but what is "fair"? Is it fair to have one group of people subsidize another group? Is it fair to invest via taxes into programs that are wasteful? Is it fair to invest money into people who have little if any self respect for themselves and refuse to adhere to the rules?

On the other hand, shouldnt government be there to assist when times are tough? I agree that we need universal health care but at what cost? We need govt to use its huge buying power to DRIVE DOWN the cost of health care.