Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Ursuline at its End

I wish I had more to say about the announcement that Springfield’s Ursuline Academy is closing, but I really don’t have much to add. As a student at Griffin High School back in the 1970s, Ursuline was just the “other” Catholic girls’ high School where no more than a few of the girls from our 8th grade graduating class went. I think I was only in Ursuline once or twice. Still, it seems strange that it will now be going away.

With only 170 students, I’m sure there will be no problem having SHG and the public schools absorb the displaced. It’s sad for them though. And for the many UA alum who will soon have an alma mater that’s going to be relegated to little more then a local trivia question in a few years.

I understand that in a way. When Griffin merged with Sacred Heart, my high school no longer was what, or even where, it once was. As time goes on, I find myself having to explain more and more often that SH was once separate from G. Nothing stays the same and well it should be so.

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Anonymous said...

Rest in Peace, UA.