Monday, May 07, 2007

Iraq First

Tornados ravaged parts of Kansas over the weekend. But who cares when we have the great and glorious Bush war to fight.

GREENSBURG, Kan. (AP) -- The rebuilding effort in tornado-ravaged Greensburg, Kansas, likely will be hampered because some much-needed equipment is in Iraq, said that state’s governor.

Governor Kathleen Sebelius said much of the National Guard equipment usually positioned around the state to respond to emergencies is gone. She said not having immediate access to things like tents, trucks and semitrailers will really handicap the rebuilding effort.

What babies, expecting the Nanny State to take care of them while brave men and women are dying for, umm…something, over there.

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Anonymous said...

Anyone else other than me, and Pam Furr, notice the rather chilly encounter between the Queen of England and El Presidente Bush?

I was watching a bit of coverage on her Majesty's visit to the colonies this morning.

No warmth there at all. And I've seen the Queen with other dignitaries before - so this was definately to make a point.

Guess she doesn't like having British soldiers die based upon trumped up intelligence.

Long live the Queen!