Thursday, May 24, 2007

Months Rated

I mentioned a few posts back that May is my favorite month. So, with nothing else to write about, I thought I’d post my ranking of the months from favorite to most hated.

May – Everything is lush and green without being overgrown. The weather is warm, school is wrapping up, the days are getting really long, all of summer is ahead.

June – The month with the latest sunsets and the first month of the year with consistently warm weather. What’s not to like?

July – More summer! And my birthday.

August – Even more summer! And the State Fair.

September – Even though in grade school and high school I always dreaded September as the start of the longs school year (it may have been dead last on my list back then), I have since begun t consider the month as part of summer. It’s still quite warm and, at least until the end of the month, is indistinguishable from August.

April – Finally, it’s spring! Warmer and longer days kick off the best part of the year.

October – Cool crisp fall days are wonderful. Colorful trees accented by the angle of the sun make October very unique. Also, warm days still crop up frequently.

March – The weather warms some but March can still disappoint will cold and even snow. Still, even in the worst case, spring really is just around the corner.

November – A few warm days are still to be had and there’s also some of that pleasant Fall crispness, but over all November marks the beginning of the sucky months.

December – Darkest month but there’s the whole holidays thing that, while often overly hectic, takes my mind off the fact that winter is just beginning.

February – While the days are getting longer and the promise of spring is just a few weeks away, it’s still cold out and by February, it’s really starting to piss me off.

January – Dark, cold, spring is too far away, holidays are over, there isn’t much good about January

Now, admittedly, my list is very weather centric, specifically favoring the warmer months. But weather plays a big part in how I feel about things not to mention it often determines outdoor activity. That doesn’t mean I hate winter altogether, I don’t. I enjoy weather extremes, so a good snowstorm is fine with me. However, the persistent cold and early sunsets really start to grate on me at some point. But that’s the price of admission for the kinds of springs and falls we have here. It makes me wonder though, what to people in consistently warm climates base their rankings on?


Anonymous said...

Could you do one on hours of the day?


Anonymous said...

People in equatorial climes base their happiness upon which way the water flows as it goes down their sinks.


Dave said...

I could do one on smart-ass commentors, right Mister 562?