Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The I-55 Surge

The ISP says it’s going to be out in force on Friday.
Illinois State Police troopers will be stationed every 10 miles along Interstate 55, from St. Louis to Chicago, in an effort to enforce traffic laws and raise safety awareness. The detail will begin at noon Friday and end at midnight.

The "Stay Alive on I-55" saturation detail - which will span 300 miles and require at least 30 troopers - coincides with the start of the Memorial Day weekend.
Lucky me, I’m going to be using I-55 Friday afternoon on my we down to Southern Illinois for my annual pilgrimage to Giant City State Park (which is neither giant nor a city, discuss). Thing is, Mrs. TEH drove down to the Metro East area yesterday on 55 and said there were cops about every 10 miles then too. Pre-surge practice?


Anonymous said...

You might also note that neither is it (Giant City) the Big City as our 3 year old has interpreted our words! Mrs TEH

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a good reason to take 127 instead of 55. I'll be making my own annual pilgrimage to Giant City sometime in the next month or two. I never get tired of the place. Have fun!