Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I See Black Knights

New Springfield blog: Realm of the Black Knight.

Mr Knight claims to be no stranger to the Springfield blog scene. On the other hand, is there anything stranger THAN the Springfield blog scene?

One of his (or her) first acts of blogging is to take on idiot comments from the SJ-R online. An easy target to be sure, but one practically needs to wear a knight’s body armor to wade though the nastiness there.

In a related matter, I was reading the SJ-R story on the Maldaner’s fire the other day and when I got to the comments section, I was pleased to find only three or four comments and all were praising the Springfield firefighters. I didn’t go back and look later but it was nice to, just once, see a story NOT followed by a lot of petty bitching.

H/T to Blevins.

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