Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Gas. Per gallon. Regular unleaded. At my friendly neighborhood gas station.

Well, at least it’s not $4/gallon…yet. Well, the premium gas already is but who buys that? (Seriously, who does?)

If most of this money wasn’t pure profit for the oil companies and crude oil suppliers, and instead was being used to fast-track energy and transportation alternatives, I might be OK with it in the long run. But as it is now, we have the worst of both worlds: Budget crushing prices at the pump and no one doing much to ease the demand for oil.


Bradjward said...

I buy premium. :( The ol' turbo Volvo demands it.

rickmonday said...

I wonder at what price the American people will have a revolt.
And no, I dont buy premium

ThirtyWhat said...

When Dad was alive, he bought premium. This was years ago, but it seems like he said the salesman told him their new car HAD to take premium ... which was odd cause it was a Pontiac. Don't get me wrong ... it was a VERY NICE Pontiac ... but ... common ... it wasn't a Mercedes or something like that.

He died back in 2005 ... I wonder if he'd still be buying premium at over $4 a gallon?