Thursday, May 08, 2008


My thoughts on this haven’t fully congealed, but the outcry over the (stupid) plan to move 150 Illinois Department of Transportation workers to Southern Illinois somewhere seems somewhat disingenuous, or at least a bit contradictory coming from some. It’s my feeling that a lot of people who are outraged at the governor over this (stupid) idea are some of the same people who see most state jobs as unnecessary and the people working them lazy and unproductive.

In fact, some would have had no problem if the IDOT workers had all been laid off, being so unnecessary and undeserving and all. But as it is, there’s much wailing about the great burden this move would put on these poor, underappreciated worker-victims. While I can’t point to any individuals, I think that duel mindset is out there. Maybe it’s akin to beating up your brother but woe to anyone outside the family who tries the same thing. And leave it to Rod Blagojevich to tap into that.

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