Friday, May 09, 2008

On Being Springfield Centric

Dear Springfield,

While we understand you like having the lion’s share of state jobs, having them moved to other parts of the state really doesn’t bother us all that much. In fact, we kind of like the idea as long as some of those jobs come our way. So don’t count on us to join you in the outcry against the idea any more than you all would if one of our employers moved some of its positions to your town.

Have a nice day,
The Rest of Illinois


Gary Evans said...

I live in Springfield and I support my city. Why wouldn't I want to keep jobs here? It's not entitlement, I just want to support my hometown. I'm sure the people in S. Illinois would fight to keep jobs there too. Unless they completely hate where they live.

Dave said...


Of course Spingfieldians should fight to keep the jobs here. But don’t expect help from the rest of the state. And yes there is a pervasive sentiment in this town that says the state jobs that are here naturally should stay here –they’re ours. Again, the rest of the state doesn’t see it that way. Having lived all over Illinois, believe me they really don’t.