Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Friends of George –You Have Been Warned

I don’t even know what to say about this except I’m glad I won’t be on his e-mail list:

President Bush reveals that when he finally leaves the White House, the first thing he'll do is resume E-mailing his buddies. "I can remember as governor, I could stay in touch with all kinds of people around the country firing off E-mails at all times of the day to stay in touch with my pals," he says in a Yahoo-Politico interview. "One of the things that I will have ended my public service time with is a group of friends, a lot of friends, and I want to stay in touch with them, and there's no better way to stay in touch with them than through E-mail."

Make room in your spam folders folks. I see his post-presidency as being a fruitful affair of right wing forwards and funny pictures of monkeys.

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Will said...

Of course the reason the White House doesn't use email is that they would provide a documented trail subject to public record. Oh poor George and the burdens of running a secretive and criminal Presidency. I really feel for him.