Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back on Bikes

Continuing my focus on bike trails/lanes in Springfield, I was shocked to see how bad it really is. The SJ-R compiled this meager list:
Wabash Trail, paved, 2.5 miles between the Westchester and Sherwood neighborhoods

Interurban Trail, paved, 6.8 miles between Springfield and Chatham, starts just south of MacArthur Boulevard and Stanford Avenue

Lost Bridge Trail, 5 miles, from Illinois Department of Transportation building on Dirksen Parkway to Rochester

The city does not have a list of bike lanes, but spokesman Ernie Slottag said he believes the only existing lanes are on Stanford Avenue from South Fifth Street to MacArthur Boulevard and sections of Koke Mill Road west of Iles Avenue.

Bike lanes are planned for the reconstructed Iles Avenue, as well as being considered for the extension of 11th Street.
That’s it. Pretty pathetic. Of course you can always bike on the city streets. I won’t and most people who might otherwise use their bicycle more won’t either.

And, hey, whatever happened to mopeds? All the rage 20 years ago, I never see or hear anything about them anymore

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