Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Beer Blogging: Utopia Edition

All this chitter-chatter about how expensive gas is made me wonder at what point would I consider beer too expensive to drink. (OK, there's no logical link between the two except they're both liquids, but ultimately all topics lead back to beer somehow.) So, using my friend Google, I looked up what the most expensive beer is . I was surprised to find it may be something brewed by the Sam Adams folks called Samuel Adams Utopias.

Article here.

Beer is one of those tastes that most people think they can identify. But most have probably never tasted a brew like Utopias. It's made using the basic brewers' arsenal - hops, malt, yeast, water - but at 27 percent alcohol by volume (called ABV in the industry), and with flavors that call to mind a cognac or a fine sherry, this is beer taken to the extremes of flavor and alcohol content.

"Utopias is a reminder of how wonderful the range is of what beer can be," says Jim Koch, founder and owner of Boston Beer Company, which makes Samuel Adams beers.

The silky, brandy-colored drink is a blend of liquids that have been brewed over the last 13 years, then aged in various woods, including bourbon casks. It's finished in sherry and Madeira casks.

The release of Utopias, which retails for about $130 per 24-ounce bottle, is an event in the beer world. It routinely sells out ("If we could get more, we could sell more," says Wes Narron, manager of the Wine Gallery in Brookline), but with only 12,000 bottles produced, "Sam Adams isn't going to rise or fall on how much Utopias we sell," says Koch.
That's only $780.00 a six pack or a mere $1,320.00 a case, but the bottles are big! See, gas ain't so bad.

Almost every picture of the stuff I can find has it in a snifter. I've never been convinced that's proper beer drinking accommodation.

And for that price, I expect a 1960's era Barbara Eden to come out of th bottle as well.

Have a great weekend! And don't spend all your gas money on beer.

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