Friday, May 02, 2008


The Chicago–centric Rod Blagojevich is moving some IDOT positions from Springfield to Southern Illinois because he hates us for not liking him! Blagojevich should be impeached for this!
The comments of a blogger? A letter to the SJ-R? No, try State Representative Larry Bomke today.
The Illinois Department of Transportation’s division of traffic safety, which employs 148 full-time workers in Springfield, is being moved to southern Illinois, IDOT Secretary Milton Sees announced today. A timetable was not announced.

The move will save money and help the southern Illinois economy, officials said.

But state Sen. Larry Bomke, R-Springfield, said he believes Gov. Rod Blagojevich is being vindictive in the move and is reacting to low voter approval from central Illinois.

"I’m calling for the House to start impeachment proceedings,” Bomke said today. “This is absurd. I mean, this guy has destroyed the state. He’s destroying communities. He’s destroyed families. Enough is enough.”

Get a freakin’ grip Larry. The jobs don’t “belong” to any certain community. They are State of Illinois jobs, not Larry Bomke’s district’s jobs. Idiot.

On the other hand, Bomke is representing a lot of constituents who have an equal sense of entitlement to state jobs, so maybe he’s just doing what he was elected to do. It really is a pathology in the Springfield community. It’s a combination of inferiority complex toward Chicago and a bizarre sense of entitlement for things it does not own. Combine all that with the community not having a more diverse economy and yet get this sort of nonsense.

There are lots of very good reasons to dislike, despise and hate the Blagojevich administration. But let’s wait until there’s some actual criminal conduct involved before flailing about screaming “Impeachment!”

Sure, as a resident of Springfield, I'd rather the jobs stay here but that's not my call. It belongs to the elected governor and his administration. Don't like it, don't vote for him. But this does not rise to the level of subverting our system for the sake a (locally) upopular decision.

And what’s with that photo of Bomke. He really does look crazy.


geek_guy said...

Sure, as a resident of Springfield, I'd rather the jobs stay here but that's not my call. It belongs to the elected governor and his administration.

I agree, but when it comes to jobs and politics (both parties) it usually end up to friends (or friendly districts). Look at the Air Guard in town gets moved to a Red State, it leaves the STL and Chi airports less covered in case of terrorist attack. The money savings is not great, it will take something like 10 years before you benefit from the move.

As for the Gov moving jobs south, I could see a possible tax savings (I'd like to see the figures). Moving jobs to Chicago will be expensive to the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Spoken like a couple of fuckin democrat ass kissers. Go ahead move the jobs who cares. And you say Bomke doesn't have a right to say or do anything???? What the fuck is wrong with you stupid Blago ass kissers??? I hope the sob gets impeached and we keep the jobs right here where they belong!!!!!! If you want to move to Benton, then get on your fuckin high horse and leave!!!!!!!!

Marie said...

We need an unbiased analysis of the finances involved in this move. We need more facts and less emotion.