Sunday, May 04, 2008

Where' the SJ-R?

The SJ-R online has been kidnapped.

Obviously, the Chicago-centric Rod Blagojevich is behind this because we don't like him here and don't approve of his Southern Illinois-centric moving of jobs from Springfield. Larry Bomke will now call for the death penalty for the governor over this latest spiteful deviousness. You just don't fuck with Larry's hometown or it's paper. Enough is enough.

Or maybe the SJ-R is just building a new site over the weekend. And what if they were building a site that required a subscription? Say $10.00 a month. Would you pay? I might.

Update 11:00 pm Sunday: SJ-R online is back up. Looks the same to me at first glance and still costs nothing.


Marie said...

There was a time when I wouldn't have paid. But, yeah, I would now.

Local Observer said...

Probably something with the New York stockholders who own the paper. Maybe they unplugged something out in New York. The sj-r totally sucks anymore. Why would you pay for something thats free anyway?

Anonymous said...

Why do you think the sj-r "sucks?"

Anonymous said...

I once worked for a Internet service provider that was in the midst of a take over. One of the companies it owned was another Internet service provider that was being chopped into pieces and everyone was being laid off. A funny incident occurred in which a lowly sales person who knew he was going to be laid off was the only person left who knew, and actually ended up paying for with his own money the cost of renewing this Internet Service providers .NET name. If he hadn't it would have been taken over, and the tens of thousands of customers who had email addresses that ended in that name would have been without an email address.

Looks like SJ-R ended up having to pay to get their SJ-R.COM name back. I wonder how much it cost them? Had to be in the thousands! Just who forgot to set it to auto renew? Dumn Dee Dumn Dumn. Then again, maybe he/she was laid off, and no one was there who even thought about it. But if you look at the screen cap which Dave posted you can plainly see that it is a Domain Squater - so SJ-R would have had to pay to buy it back. Something I'm sure they won't want to discuss.

casual observer said...

The renewal date of is 1/1, so if this was a domain squatter, it would have happened back in January, not in May. That screen shot is simply the registrars parked page, which can be visible anytime a domain's name servers are not yet set up or misconfigured, as was the case here.

It looks as if they finally transferred ownership of the domain registration from Copley to Gatehouse and in the process of doing so changed to different name servers.

Some incompetent admin dropped the ball and probably didn't have the new name servers set up correctly or something so was not resolving to the correct IP address. It took until Sunday morning before those incompetent admins at Gatehouse figured it out. Then it took several more hours before all the other name servers in the world "saw" the updated name server records.

Anonymous said...

Casual Observer: I was brain fried when I wrote my little comment - note the time - I was minutes from REM sleep, and didn't consider whois. I agree with your assessment entirely, and thanks. It would have served Gatehouse right to lose SJ-R.Com - sort of a payback for dumping Friends in Deed, but that Karmic adjustment will have to wait for another day I guess.