Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Beer Blogging: PBR Rules the Week Edition

I've got to hand it to the Pabst Blue Ribbon folks, they scored a couple of PR coups this week.

First, there was the suburban Chicago knucklehead who bought a PBR casket in which he is to be buried someday. In the meantime, he's filling it with ice and PBRs and throwing parties.

Now we get the news that Barack Obama was pandering to the "working class" and opted for a PBR at a house of refreshment in North Carolina in advance of the primary there earlier this week.

This version of the story comes from a British publication so read this outtake with a British accent and never mind the way the English spell their English words incorrectly.

The senator for Illinois, who by all previous, albeit limited, indications is mostly a wine drinker, spent his last campaign stop before polls closed yesterday with one hand happily clasped around a pint of beer.

Aware that blue collar voters were seeing him as too aloof and metropolitan for their tastes, following his remarks about “bitter” small town Americans, Mr Obama on at least three occasions visited humble if honourable establishments in Indiana and North Carolina and sought to boost his credibility with the working class on a rapid Chablis-abandonment programme.

At the Raleigh Times bar in downtown Raleigh yesterday, Mr Obama arrived in the late afternoon with his wife Michelle only to find himself momentarily beerless.

"Where's my beer?" he asked, loud enough for the reporters to hear.

He eyed an array of fine micro brews on tap, from the amber Maharaja IPA to the "naturally cloudy" Blanche Bruxelles. He zeroed in on the mass market.

"PBR," he said, choosing Pabst Blue Ribbon, an inexpensive lager, before working the crowd.

Well, congratulations to Pabst for getting more play than a million dollar ad campaign could buy.

Have a great weekend! And be a working man and have a PBR.

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allie said...

my grandmother always drank PBR, when she drank, my uncle, her son, he always drinks PBR, and for some off reason, if i drink its usually PBR. i think its for the sentiment more than anything. great pick for beer blogging, woo!!!