Friday, July 22, 2005

Friday Beer Blogging: It's Too Damn Hot Edition

With heat indexes well above 100 degrees all this week and only getting worse for the weekend, it's time to figure out a quick way to chill that not-cold-enough beer instantly.

What's that? The free market has provided a solution?

Uh-huh, meet the KegPal...

Image hosted by

Woo-hoo...just hook your beer up to the, well I'll let the manufacturer explain:

Just connect a keg or bottles to the KegPal and pump it. Then open the tap for your ice-cold beverage.

All you do is open the tap to fill you glass! KegPal looks like a classy wood beer keg. You can use it to cool bottles of beer, wine, liquor and even soda. The hand pump, which is included, or an optional CO2 air tank pressurizes the system.

And how does it work?

Twenty-five feet of super-fast cooling coil. Every drop of warm liquid that enters KegPal travels through this frigid cooling coil spiral. What entered warm comes out icy cold.

Go check out their site for more demonstrative pics and ordering info. But don't order me one because I'm sure they are comping me one for the free plug. Right Guys? Guys?


Budman said...

Looks like I will be adding something new to my collection. This is even better, it cools my beer and I can have it sitting right here by my side. Be great for tailgate parties.

Marie said...

I did my own beer blogging post, in honor of you, Dave.