Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Arguments That Bother Me: Healthcare Rights Edition

Wherever there’s a debate on universal healthcare there’s a wingnut that rushes in with the “HEALTHCARE IS NOT A RIGHT!!” argument. Can I just stipulate that, yes Mr. Wingnut, healthcare is not a right. May I also add…So the fuck what?

Traffic lights are not a right. A military is not a right. A universal postal system is not a right. But you know what? Society has agreed these are good things to have even if they aren’t “rights”. Some things are just good ideas. Some things just make the quality of life better for us all even if it isn’t a “right”.

Even if you don't like the idea of universal healthcare, simply declaring it to be "not a right" does not advance your position. So knock it off.


Anonymous said...

Good Slaughterhouses are designed in such a way as to lead the docile (but potentially dangerous) animal through a series of winding ramps which prohibit the animal from seeing the slaughter of animals further up in line.

In this way each animal percieves itself as a lone individual, not a herd, and that it is following the only path available.

The calmed animal is then shot in head, or electrocuted - and while still living cut up into various parts for consumption.

Brutal, but it is the way.

Now you might be asking yourself just what any of this has to do with the Health Care Crisis in America.


Those opposing a universal system some how believe they aren't facing the same fate as those who are already without coverage.


They feel if anything is going on up further in line that it won't possibly effect them.


And that everything is just the way it should be.



Anonymous said...

Good point. This is why I wish people on the left would stop spending so much time arguing that it is a right. Whatever label you give it is irrelevant. Personally, I see it as a responsibility. We're the richest nation in the world. The fact that we don't take responsibility for the health care of all our own citizens is embarrassing and disgraceful

La Lubu said...

My favorite Right critique of universal health care is "but....then the State will control it! You Lefties are all about the State! Why don't you just have faith in the free market and private enterprise??!"

And this, by Right wingers who have the audacity to:
* drive on public roads
* attended a public college (some of them even *gasp* send their children to public schools!)
* hunt, fish or camp in public forest preserves or parks
* use public libraries
* call the (public) police if they are robbed
* call the (public) fire department to douse flames on their home
* drink water provided by the sanitary district (rather than digging their own well)
* purchase food at the grocery store that is heavily subsidized by public tax dollars
* purchase utilities that are heavily subsidized by public tax dollars (gee, wouldn't real conservatives chop their own wood?)
* attend sporting events at stadiums built with public money

Shall I go on?