Tuesday, January 31, 2006


I steal this post in its entirety from Tom Tomorrow:
According to a commenter over at HuffPo, this is Rush Limbaugh’s response to the domestic surveillance scandal: “If you’re doing nothing wrong why would you care?”

That would be the same Rush Limbaugh who’s spent the last two years fighting the release of his medical records to the prosecutors who are investigating his procurement of illegally obtained prescription drugs.
Can you say hypocrite? Or would that be hippo-crit in Rush’s case. (I don’t normally attack based on physical appearance but Rush wouldn’t hold back if the tables were turned.)

Speaking of the HuffPo, in recent weeks both T.T. and Eric Alterman have joined the Huffington parallel blogging universe. It will soon no longer be necessary to go anywhere else.

By the way, the “If you’re doing nothing wrong why would you care?” justification is the hallmark of a fascist. So it surprises me none that Rush would invoke it. Pig.

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