Monday, January 23, 2006

Meet the Racist

Illinois Senator Barack Obama was Tim Russert’s guest on Meet the Press yesterday. Among other things, Russert got Obama to swear on a stack of bibles he will not run for president or vice president in 2008. So that’s settled. For now.

But the real news came when Russert asked Obama about comments Harry Belafonte made about George Bush being a terrorist. It turns out the only other person Russert ever asked about Belafonte’s remarks was…Colin Powell. Gotta keep up with what the brothers are thinkin’, eh Timmy?

Update: James Wolcott has some additional questions Russert should have asked Obama.

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JeromeProphet said...

You'd get a kick out of Al Franken's continual slights directed at Tim Russert throughout this book. In fact it's a running joke, though subtle, in The Truth - With Jokes.

Franken uses Russert's name right after a phrase like, easily fooled, etc., which over the course of the book you come away with the impression that Al either believes Tim's not so very bright, or that he may be overly challendged in confronting those he interviews - not calling them on using his program for casting B.S> about.

But he seems like a nice guy. I've seen him interviewed on CSPAN, and he has genuine love, and respect for the greatest generation - as personified in his father.

I don't believe Tim was being intentionally racist - probably just an average white guy who doesn't connect with many black folk on a regular basis - and comes off sounding racist despite - hopefully - a personal commitment to an egalitarian society (a closet liberal?).