Friday, January 27, 2006

It All Makes Me Want To Do Drugs

I just did something I hardly ever do. I watched the Ch. 20 news. OK, just the first five minutes but even that’s unusual.

Why? Well, I was mesmerized by this idiotic call to drug testing by the city of Springfield’s elected.

For God’s sake, two lowly unelected assistant states attorneys (state’s attorney, states' attorney?) resigned for some reason (maybe doing drugs??) and suddenly it’s urgent – no, damn necessary – that all officials in Springfield take drug test to prove they are not taking drugs.

Sure there were rumors flying that Mayor Tim Davlin was, what, doing drugs or somehow involved with a recent drug bust or something. I’m not even sure what all the rumors were about. The mayor panicked and took a drug test. I guess he was in a no win situation. Not taking the test would only add fuel to the drug rumors and taking it was I’m sure a bit humiliating for having been forced into it by rumors. Of course, after he was done and the results came back negative, Davlin pretended it was no big deal and suggested it might even be a good idea. Whatever.

Ch. 20 even had Ald. Chuck Redpath calling for all city officials to be tested. Again, whatever.

Is drug abuse really all that rampant among our city officials? Enough that universal drug testing is needed. Oh, oh, I have the answer: NO!

Watching these guys fall all over themselves demanding everyone now be tested was a bit humorous but mostly they looked like idiots.


Anonymous said...

Do you really want the people who were elected to be drug users? Is it ok if they use drugs 'socially' or are they not 'users' until they are full blown addicts? This is not something to be taken lightly. With all the rumors if my name was being thrown around you better believe I would take a test as well. It would be a urine and hair sample to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. said...

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