Thursday, January 19, 2006

Missing White Women: Iraq Edition

The media’s fascination with missing young attractive white women has crossed paths with real news. The Jill Carroll story is everywhere but it wouldn’t be if Carroll were not a MYAWW. For example, did this guy get anywhere near the coverage Carroll has gotten? Of course not.

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Anonymous said...

I'd dispute you on this one:

Firstly, Ms. Carroll is a journalist which may be one reason her story is being widely covered.

Secondly, she is not merely being held for ransom as the majority of recent (past year) abductees have been. She has already received a death date (tomorrow, I think). I think the general fear is this will be a throwback to the way it was when Americans were kidnapped and then killed.

In case you forgot, pretty much all of those people's stories were widely covered.

I think your agrument about the MYAWW is pretty much off base this time even if it holds truer in the US.