Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Jewel of the Grocery Aisle

I never followed up but a few days after I wrote this post about Jewel stores in Springfield promoting and selling I-PASS for the Chicago area tollways, I noticed the Jewel I frequent no longer did. I’m sure it had nothing to do with my post and they may have even discontinued the I-PASS stuff before my post for all I know. Anyway, it’s gone. Thank you, Jewel.

However, the tradition continues. I was in Jewel Saturday night for a quick run when I heard an advertisement for the Shedd Aquarium over the PA system. “The Shedd” is apparently having a display of crabs!

I know the Shedd Aquarium is a tourist destination and most visitors from Springfield likely have made it to “The Shedd” while in Chicago. But this ad was clearly designed for a Chicago area audience which, of course, is annoying to us in Springfield.

How far and wide do the corporate masters at Jewel think the Chicago metro area extends? I’m not among the many Chicago-haters here ( I love Chicago) but I’m not sure it’s good PR to convey to the citizens of Springfield that you think they are part of Chicagoland or that you care so little about knowing the difference.

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Anonymous said...

Better be on the lookout for Chicago style prices on their items since the company doesn't realize we are south of I-80.