Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Beyond Stupid

Oh, get over this drug testing thing people. My God.

Everyone running around “I’m more drug negative than you” is just dumb. You all look silly. For example, this from the SJ-R:
Ward 9 Ald. Tom Selinger said, "I don't have a problem with it. But I think this is being blown out of proportion."

Selinger suggested that the media be included in any drug-testing program.

"I think all reporters, editors and talk-show hosts and everyone talking about this ought to be included," he said.
But what about bloggers!? Shouldn’t we worry about this too? Blogging under the influence might result in something akin to most of my posts. And who wants that?

Maybe we should be subjecting our elected officials to providing credit histories too. I don’t want any deadbeats running the city. It shows lack of fiscal responsibility. I also want IQ tests; we don’t want any dummies running things. I think random lie detector tests are also necessary. No liars allowed. After all, these requests aren’t unreasonable if you have nothing to hide. And I’m quite sure bad debt, low IQs and lying are far more prevalent than drug use among city officials.

Good on any alderman, or member of the media, that resists this nonsense.

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Jim said...

Hey, Dave! I got my drug test back! I'm clean. I'm pretty sure that makes me morally superior to both you and Tom Selinger.