Saturday, January 21, 2006

Trivial Pursuit

Did trivia tonight. The wife and I were invited to join a trivia team at the Knights of Columbus hall for the annual fundraiser for the St. Patrick’s Day parade here in Springfield. We did it last year too and had a great time each night. I tell you, I would do this every weekend if I could.

WMAY’s Pamela Furr was the question reader at tonight’s event, filling in for Ch. 20’s Kevilee Douglas who is apparently too pregnant to do trivia. I stopped to talk briefly with Pam and thank her for filling in. I know I’m not always nice to her here (which she reminded me of) but we had a pleasant conversation and it was good to finally meet her. Even if she is wrong 67.8 percent of the time on her show, she still has a lot of guts and I appreciate the fact that she participates in the community.

Our team got only a score of 88 out of 100 and that included using a number of paid-for “Mulligans”. They allowed us to buy up to 10 free answers (Milligans) and we used seven of them. So our score was really 81. I’m not sure I like the Mulligan thing in trivia contests. It seems like cheating much as it is in golf. But since they were available and others were going to use them, so did we.

Actually, our score might have been even lower had it not been for the unintentional giving away of answers. You see, they projected the questions onto a screen from a laptop. In between rounds the laptop projected a Windows folder containing not only the PowerPoint questions, but also some of the graphics used in displaying the answers. A number of the .jpg files were named in such a way that it was obvious to some of us geeks that they were answers to upcoming questions. I think we only picked up one or two answers this way. Still, word to trivia presenters: never underestimate your audience.

Anyway, it was a good time full of friends, food and beer and I hope we're out doing it again soon.


JeromeProphet said...

Old people.

Speaking of "Pam Furr" did you have an opportunity to provide her with some reading material?

One of most ignorant things I've heard a grown up say in a long time came straight from "Pams" on air mouth during the public debate leading up to Springfield's recent ban on smoking in public facilities.

Yes "Pam" there's a huge amount of evidence that second hand smoke hurtts people, makes them sick, and eventually leads them to an early grave.

I don't know if the whole conservative christian on air persona Schitck is just that, which I guess other than it is totally dishonest, self serving, and hurtful to the nation, or if "Pam Furr" is geniunely predisposed to the populist agenda labeled "conservative", but in any case towing the RJ Reynolds line from twenty, and thirty years ago isn't necessary "Pam" unless you'er fishing around for a better paying lobbying job for the merchants of death here in town.

And for all those out there who are so drug addicted to nicotine that you've allowed your drug addiction to overide your love for your children, family, and friends by smoking around them - whiie calling yourself a christian - I say how pathetic!


Dave was being so polite, and I feel I've made a real sweet post such a nasty thing.

Dave said...

Like I said, Pam is wrong most of the time and particularly on the smoking issue. But I have to give her points for defending gay rights.

Also, Mr. JP, the trivia events I've been to are not full of "old people". Unless you consider yourself "old". A lot of middle-aged people like us, yes. But its not Bingo night, believe me.

Pamela Furr said...

JP - what the heck are you talking about? I never said second-hand smoke didn't hurt people. I have said, however, that there is no proof that people die from second-hand smoke. Show me ONE - JUST ONE - death certificate that lists the cause of death as second-hand smoke and I'll apologize to you.

Anonymous Communist said...

Taking a mulligan on the links is cheating?