Monday, January 09, 2006

No Comment

Well, I was wondering why I had had absolutely no comments for several weeks now.  I normally don't get many and that's OK, but still.  Apparently, I had a setting marked whereby I was supposed to be able to moderate comments.  You leave a comment and Blogger sends me an email indicating there is a comment awaiting approval.  Only I never got any of those emails.  

I don’t remember enabling that setting.

I even had one guy a few weeks ago send me an angry email asking why I had deleted his comment.  I assured him I had done no such thing and could not explain why his comment did not appear.  Now I see why.

I've fixed the setting and you’re free to comment away.  Sorry about that.  Now if I could only find where all the comments went.


Marie said...

Glad you got that straightened out. I was worried about you. I posted four comments during that time frame before I realized they were being moderated.

jeromeprophet said...

I guess you really didn't take my hint about blogs that employ comment moderation?

Marie did.


JeromeProphet said...

Go back, and read my scathing critique on blog comment moderation.


Dave said...

Hey JP,

I'm looking into SELECTIVE moderation.


Dave said...

By the way, I still have no idea where those comments or the notifications I had comments went.