Thursday, June 23, 2005


Oh, yawn, yet another flag burning measure has been trotted out for mass distraction. Gawd, this like an annual prostate exam; it's unpleasant but you just have to deal with it.

Fortunately, this comes around so regularly I have my stock response to these proposals all ready to go when needed.

A flag burning amendment is a bad idea because...

It's not needed. There is no epidemic of flag burning in this country. It happens very, very, very rarely. I've never seen it done (exept on TV and very rarely). I don't know anyone who has. We don't need a constitutional amendment for something that's not really a problem.

It's unenforceable. Good luck defining what a flag is. If I get a rectangular piece of cloth and put 14 stripes on it and 51 stars, is it still an American flag? If I use green instead of red stripes (see Green Day's "American Idiot" video) is it still an American flag?

It puts the symbol before what it symbolizes. The flag is a symbol of freedom. Taking away my right to do what I want with my flag removes freedom. Ironic, huh?

It will actually have the opposite effect. If made illegal, flag burning will become a very attractive form of protest. Expect to see an up tick in flag burning if this is made the law. Again, ironic, huh?

This amendment will fail to be passed just like all the others and that's just sponsors sponsers want. You see, if it were to pass they wouldn't be able to bring it up again and parade around on their patriotic high horses.

Yawn, back to other things.

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