Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tuesday Grandma Blogging: It's Not Really Grandma Edition

Last week I began a weekly feature where I post something from my grandmother's scrapbook dating back to the late '40s and early '50s. But I made a rather startling discovery along the way -the scrapbook is not my grandmother's.

I had been told it was hers years ago but I was looking through the scrapbook the other night when I ran across this handwritten passage at the top of the first page: "This book is a present from my sister Roma, Dec. 1949". Well, Roma was my grandmother. So, unless my grandmother had a sister also named Roma it's not hers.

I'm looking into who's it was. Obviously, it was a great aunt or uncle that I never knew I had. My dad wants to see it but is unclear about his mother's siblings (long story).

Another clue that this was not my grandmother's was some of the clippings in the book. A number of them are from Ohio newspapers, specifically Logan County, Ohio. My grandmother's family was from there and she relocated to Illinois at some point. I'm embarrassed at how little I know about her but one thing's for sure -this scrapbook didn't belong to her.

I don't even remember how it came into my possession but it looks like I've got some investigating to do.

The one good piece of news may be that grandma may not have been a wingnut after all! More in later editions.

Meanwhile, I have another Truman bashing cartoon:

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They really are giving you hell Harry.

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Anonymous said...

I knew you'd do anything to disassociate yourself with a republican blood line.